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“Holland is a fantastic country for guided birding tour …”

Sender: Andrea de Vries,
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A guided birding tour in the Netherlands is a wonderful experience that no birdwatcher wants to miss. If you know the right places and the birds know how to recognize a world opens up for you. I’ll bring you to such places!

Oystercatchers, house sparrows, and guided birding tours

During my Biology study, I did research on Oystercatchers on Schiermonnikoog and on house sparrows in Andechs (Germany). After my study, I gave a number of guided birding tours for the visitor center at Schiermonnikoog. Because of this, I discovered that I enjoy teaching people about nature. Partly because of these bird tours, I decided to go into education, as a Biology teacher.

“At the birding workgroup, I rediscovered the pleasure of organizing guided birding tours …”

After 20 years in education and as a member of the birding workgroup of the IVN Groningen / Haren I rediscovered the joy I have in giving guided birding tours. That is why, after a few months of preparation in January 2016, I started my own company for taking care of birding tours.

My friend, is an avid birdwatcher, like me, and has been doing this since he was 12 years old. On the weekends that we are together, we often go out for birding. For this, we sometimes cross the Netherlands to see a special bird. We try to take photos of this bird, and sometimes a movie succeeds.

I’m birding in across the Netherlands

During the week we are regularly birdwatching at different areas in Groningen, Frysian and Drenthe. During all these trips I discovered that the Netherlands is a beautiful country for birding. New areas are constantly being added. These often have a double function as a water storage area and as a new nature. Birds benefit from this. That is why I can also offer a birding tour in areas that may be more unknown to many lovers of birding.

Is a guided birding tour suitable for everyone?

It does not matter whether you are alone or with a group. Even for the whole family, a guided birding tour from is a great experience that you should not miss. And it does not matter whether you have more experience or just started with birdwatching.

High customer satisfaction

I have already given dozens of birding tours to both experienced birding lovers and novice birdwatchers. These were private birding tours and group birding tours. The participants are always enthusiastic and give very positive reviews to my birding tour. And that the people are satisfied is also apparent from a large number of returning participants of my excursions.

A guided birding tour from me is:

  • Suitable for everyone: alone, with a group or as a family;
  • For all ages;
  • A wonderfully relaxing day in nature;
  • Informative;
  • In known and unknown places in the Netherlands;
  • Learning to recognize birds by their call or song;
  • Along with an experienced guide;
  • Better learning to watch birds;
  • For experienced and inexperienced participants;
  • See birds from very close through a Swarovski telescope;
  • And much more…

You not only have a nice relaxing day in nature, but you learn to recognize birds much better. Here you benefit from, every day that you go into the field to discover birds.

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Andrea de Vries

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