Birdwatching excursion Zuidlaardermeer 3 June 2018

Vogelexcursie Zuidlaardermeer 3-6-2018

Birdwatching excursion report Zuidlaardermeer 3 June 2018 Because Andrea was still too ill today to perform this bird excursion, I once again stroked my heart with my hand and also performed this excursion (Martin). In this case the excursion was a family trip, the bird excursion was booked especially for grandpa. The company consisted of…

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Birding excursion report Drentsche Aa 2 June 2018

Vogelexcursie Drentsche Aa 2-6-2018

Birding excursion report Drentsche Aa 2 June 2018 Birding excursion Drentsche Aa Participants This bird excursion was for two returning guests. Last year I also had a bird excursion for them in the Drentsche Aa area in August. At the time the diversity of species was a little disappointing, but the area is very beautiful.…

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