Birding Tour Diependal Netherlands


Birding Tour Diependal in Drenthe.

Diependal is built on the former flow fields of the AVEBE potato starch factory. The trip to the bird watching hut alone is an experience! A full description of this excursion can be found under the calendar.

When you book for a whole day I combine this excursion with the Birding Tour Fochteloërveen, and you will get a € 20 discount on the total price!

  • The Red-necked Grebes often show themselves well in spring and summer;
  • We visit different areas so a lot of variation;
  • In combination with the Fochteloërveen, we do not visit the Hijkerveld.
  • Not suitable for people with walking difficulties.

Please also select the maximum number of people you will be entering the Extras option in the calendar when booking.

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Birding Tour Diependal

Vogelexcursie Diependal Geelgors

Birding excursion Diependal; Diependal was built on the former rolling fields of the AVEBE potato starch factory. The trip to the birdwatching hut alone is an experience! To be able to get to the viewing room, a trip through a long narrow underground passage of over one hundred and sixty meters is necessary! This makes it possible to enter the area without disturbance (due to hibernating bats, the tunnel is closed from November to February and the bird hide cannot be visited).. From the viewing room, there is a beautiful panoramic view of the area and the adjacent surroundings.

Depending on the season and the water level, there is a wide variety of birds in Diependal to admire. Every year it is exciting again to see if the Red-necked Grebe is breeding again. The Bearded Grebe is always a feast for the eyes. In the winter it is not uncommon to come face to face with the cormorant.

Vogelexcursie Diependal Bruine kiekendief
Marsh harrier
Vogelexcursie Diependal Veldleeuwerik
Vogelexcursie Diependal Rietgors
Reed Bunting

In addition, many different ducks and geese can be admired throughout the year. And let’s not forget the birds of prey, in the summer the Marsh Harrier hunting for prey. The Buzzard floating on the therm in anticipation of a snack that presents itself. A Sparrowhawk in a flash through the scrubs in search of his victim.

Vogelexcursie Diependal Havik
Vogelexcursie Diependal Roodhalsfuut 2
Red-necked Grebe
Vogelexcursie Diependal Roodborsttapuit

Besides the water parties of Diependal we also visit a part of the Hijkerveld. Here heather and forest birds will welcome us with their song. Come with us and experience.

Roodhalsfuut Vogels kijken in Nederland / Birding in the Netherlands Red-necked Grebe

Vogelexcursie Diependal Staartmees
Long-tailed tit
Verslag vogelexcursie Diependal Hijkerveld Boerenzwaluw
Bird watching hut Diependal Barn Swallow
Vogelexcursie Diependal Dodaars
Little Grebe

Food and drinks

During the Birding Tour Diependal, there will be coffee and tea with a local titbit.

What can you expect from this Birding Tour Diependal?

  • There is a Swarovski spotting scope for general use;
  • The guide is well known in this area and also knows the hidden birding spots;
  • Especially in the Spring and Summer period good birding opportunities;
  • Very nice bird observation possibilities;
  • Different biotopes, therefore many different birds;
  • The possibility to borrow a pair of binoculars during the birding tour;
  • The guide is a very experienced birder and she can point them out for you;
  • Good photographing opportunities during the tour;
  • Food and drinks included;
  • This birding tour is fitted for experienced and unexperienced birders;
  • Free parking for your car during the birding tour;
  • The ability to ask questions about the particular birds during the birding tour;
  • You will get a full list with the spotted birds by e-mail;
  • An unforgettable birding experience in the Netherlands.

I am looking forward to taking you with me and show you all the birding secrets in this area. It is easy to book your own Birding Tour at a time and date that suits you.
Andrea de Vries

Your Guide: Andrea de Vries


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