Birding Tour Drentsche Aa the Netherlands


Birding Tour Drentsche Aa

Birding Tour Drentsche Aa is looking fine birds in a real walk, and ideal for a day trip. In our National Park and National Landscape Drentsche Aa. The route is almost 5 kilometers long and leads through a beautiful area in the heart of the National Park. The tour leads through several types of landscape that are characteristic of this area and the old Drenthe. Depending on the season and the amount of precipitation can be very wet here so good walking shoes are really needed here! Part of the tour leads over plank bridges that are made in the most humid places to keep them passable.

A standard tour is half a day (3.5 hours) starting at 9:00 am or 13:00 pm. But it is possible to book for a whole day from 9:00 am to ca. 16:30 pm. The price mentioned under the private tour is for half a day 1-3 persons. Including coffee, tea, and a little snack halfway the tour. If you like it is possible to upgrade the birding tour up to 10 people maximum.

It is easy to book your own Birding tour at a time and date that suits you.

Best birding season for this area:


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Only birds?

It’s not just bird-watching in the Drentsche Aa. But here also come for Beavers and occasionally they show themselves. This area consists of a maze of small streams that form the Drentsche Aa and eventually the Drentsche Aa. It’s a wonder that this beautiful area still exists and has such magnitude. It is even the largest untouched flow area of its kind in Europe! It had very nearly fifty years ago this area was straightened for land consolidation. But fortunately, it came just in time to realize that this would be a mortal sin. The area is shared with the farmers in the area, along with the nature organizations they manage the area. This would preserve the ancient cultural landscape of Drenthe. At De Punt water is extracted from the Drentsche Aa water for the city of Groningen. This is only possible because the water is very clean, as no pesticides should be used in the vicinity of the basin.
The species that we can see here in the figure are the Golden Oriole, Buzzard, Marsh Harrier, Hawfinch, Bullfinch, Yellowhammer, Reed Bunting, Marsh Warbler, Common Kingfisher, Sparrowhawk, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Green Woodpecker, Red-backed Shrike, Stonechat and with lots of luck a Red-Black Kite.

Food and drinks

During the Birding Tour Frentsche Aa there will be coffee and tea with a local titbit.

What can you expect from this Birding Tour Drentsche Aa?

  • There is a Swarovski spotting scope for general use;
  • The guide is well known in this area and also knows the hidden birding spots;
  • Especially in the Summer period good birding opportunities;
  • Different biotopes, therefore many different birds;
  • The possibility to borrow a pair of binoculars during the birding tour;
  • The guide is a very experienced birder and she can point them out for you;
  • Good photographing opportunities during the tour;
  • Food and drinks included;
  • This birding tour is fitted for experienced and unexperienced birders;
  • Free parking for your car during the birding tour;
  • The ability to ask questions about the particular birds during the birding tour;
  • You will get a full list with the spotted birds by e-mail;
  • An unforgettable birding experience in the Netherlands.

I am very excited to take you with me and show you all the birding secrets in this area.

Andrea de Vries
Your Guide: Andrea de Vries


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