Birding Tour Fochteloërveen the Netherlands


Birding Tour Fochteloërveen on the border of Drenthe and Frysian

Birding Tour Fochteloërveen is a varied bird excursion to the birds that are characteristic of the Fochteloërveen. The Fochteloërveen is a high moor area located in the triangle between Assen, Veenhuizen, and Appelscha. It is bisected by the provincial boundaries of Drenthe and Frysian. A full description of this excursion can be found under the calendar.

When you book for a whole day we also visit Diependal, and you will get a € 20 discount on the total price!


  • The Fochteloërveen is known for the Cranes that breed there;
  • This excursion consists of several walks in the area;
  • We also visit the 7.
  • No guarantee on the Cranes.

Please also select the maximum number of people you will be entering the Extras option in the calendar when booking.

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Birding Tour Fochteloërveen the Netherlands were the Crane lives and breeds!

Birding Tour Fochteloërveen Netherlands Cranes

Birding Tour Fochteloërveen (veen = peat in Dutch) goes to an area that gives a good idea of how this old land was until a few hundred years ago. The birds we will meet here are characteristic for the moor. The Fochteloërveen is located in the triangle of the city of Assen and the villages Veenhuizen (Unesco Heritage) and Appelscha. The province borders of Friesland and Drenthe is in the middle of the peatery. It is a resistant piece of a very large moor that covered a big piece of the province of Drenthe, a piece of Friesland, and even a piece of Germany in the old days. From the late Middle Ages, the peat is excavated and transported with ships to Amsterdam as fuel for the furnaces. Until the ’80s of the last century, this area is used for the production of peat litter used in greenhouses.

The Fochteloërveen these days

After an extended period of hundreds of years in which the Fochteloërveen is excavated and made dryer for the farmers, it is now the time of recovery. During the past 20 years, several organizations worked hard to maintain the resisting moor and even made it larger. They had to take a lot of measures to stop the drought of the peat. And now it is one of the few bogs in the Netherlands where living peat is and it is even growing now. Al these efforts have resulted in extraordinary birds for the Netherlands like the return of the Cranes and Short-toed Snake Eagle.

Birds of the Fochteloërveen

The Birding Tour Fochteloërveen is partially by car and also contains a walking tour. We will observe the birds from different observation shelters and will visit the famous 7 shelter. We will look for the Cranes in and around the Fochteloërveen and in the summer period we hope to see the Short-toed Snake Eagle. Also we have a period a big change of meeting the Red-backed Shrike in the summer. In winter you can expect the Shrike and thousands of Geese in a lot of different kinds here. Other birds to meet here are Hobby, Buzzard, Yellowhammer, Stonechat, Whinchat, Marsh Harrier, Meadow Pipit, Snipe, and in the Spring the Red-footed Falcon.

Birding Tour Fochteloërveen Netherlands Buzzard
Birding Tour Fochteloërveen Netherlands black-necked greb
Black-necked grebe
Birding Tour Fochteloërveen Netherlands Meadow pipit
Meadow pipit

Kraanvogels bij het Fochteloërveen /Dutch Birding Cranes near Fochteloërveen

Food and drinks

During the Birding Tour Fochteloërveen, there will be coffee and tea with a local titbit.

What can you expect from this Birding Tour Fochteloërveen?

  • There is a Swarovski spotting scope for general use;
  • The guide is well known in this area and also knows the hidden birding spots;
  • Especially in the Spring and Summer period good birding opportunities;
  • Very nice bird observation possibilities;
  • Different biotopes, therefore many different birds;
  • The possibility to borrow a pair of binoculars during the birding tour;
  • The guide is a very experienced birder and she can point them out for you;
  • Good photographing opportunities during the tour;
  • Food and drinks included;
  • This birding tour is fitted for experienced and unexperienced birders;
  • Free parking for your car during the birding tour;
  • The ability to ask questions about the particular birds during the birding tour;
  • You will get a full list with the spotted birds by e-mail;
  • An unforgettable birding experience in the Netherlands.

I am looking forward to taking you with me and show you all the birding secrets in this area. It is easy to book your own Birding Tour at a time and date that suits you.

Andrea de Vries

Your Guide: Andrea de Vries


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