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Birding Tour Texel

Birding in Holland Texel Spoonbill
Birding in Holland Texel Spoonbill

The Private Birding Tour Texel is a birding tour on the island of Texel, where personal attention comes first. The guide only accompanies your group. That is why you are not depending on unknown persons in your group. The areas and birds of your interest are vissited. And not just those areas and birds where, as in a group birding tour, the guide expects that most participants will be interested in. This birding tour at Texel is carried out by a very experienced local guide. He does not only conduct birding tourd on Texel for Birds4You, but also guides birding excursions and trips abroad for international organizations! The Private birding tour Texel can be booked as a full and half day birding excursion. The duration of a half-day excursion is about 3.5 hours, and for a full day of bird excursion about 7.5 hours. You will not be merged with a group of strangers. But enjoy an exclusive birding trip on Texel with people of your own choice, individually or in a small group of up to 10 people. Two good loan binoculars are available on request. If you need more binoculars, this can be arranged in most cases for a small fee and a deposit. After your booking we will contact you to go through the available options.

Why a birding tour on Texel?

A birding tour on Texel offers the possibility to see many different birds on a relatively small surface. There are many different biotopes on the island at a short distance from each other. From sea, dunes to forest, grasslands and fields: everything is present on Texel, interspersed with inland waterways. Texel is also ideally situated on the migratory route of many birds. After the crossing, these birds will find a place to rest and a place to get food. It is therefore not surprising that on Texel every year, especially during the migration in the spring and autumn, rare to very rare wanderers are observed! That’s why bird watching on Texel is always an experience for both novice and advanced birders.

Where do we go during the birding tour Texel?

Where the birding tour on Texel passes is of course entirely dependent on your wishes and the whims of nature. Where the whims of nature should include thinking of the tide (waders), the season (summer or winter guests and wandering guests), the sun (possibly backlighting) and wind force. To assist you in determining your wishes for this excursion, I provide an overview of possible options below. The overview below is based on a half day excursion unless otherwise indicated. For a full day tour a combination of two excursions can be chosen as desired. A more personal interpretation is of course always possible.

Birding tour: Tern and gull colonies & Spoonbills

Birding Tour Texel Sandwich Tern
Sandwich Tern
Birding Tour Texel Black-headed Gull
Black-headed Gull
Birding Tour Texel Common Tern
Common Tern







On Texel different species of terns and gulls breed in colonies. This is in the season (from April to July) a good and original destination for a birding tour. Of course there are more bird species to observe during this birding tour. Pied Avocet, Spoonbills and various species of ducks and waders. When choosing this destination, a walk of approx. 2 km over flat terrain is included! Therefore you must have a good mobility for this birding tour. But the reward is also: usually the terns in the breeding season flew over with their caught fish. This is then delivered to the hungry youngsters at the nests.

Birding Holland Spoonbill
Birding Texel Meadow Pipit
Meadow Pipit
Birding Texel Pied Avocet
Pied Avocet







On your way to the main destination of the excursion you will visit various bird-rich areas. On the walk to the seagulls and terns there is a good chance that Spoonbills forage at a short distance (food). And if time and tide permit it, a glimpse of the Wadden sea from the dike should certainly be possible. Many waders can often be seen on the flats.

Birding tour: Ducks, Wheatear, Bluethroat and possible rarities

Birding Holland Northern Wheatear
Northern Wheatear
Birding Texel European Pied Flycatcher
European Pied Flycatcher
Birding Tour Texel Eurasian Hoopoe
Eurasian Hoopoe







This birding tour is completely different from the excursion described above. During this bird excursion on Texel you will visit the birds of dune and shrubs, with a beautiful water feature as an encore. Also on this excursion is a walk that goes through a dune area. The paths here are generally unpaved. Because this area is close to the North Sea, this is the place where rare birds often can be observed.

Birding Holland Hen Harrier
Hen Harrier
Birding Tour Texel Ring Ouzel
Ring Ouzel
Birding Texel Greater Scaup
Greater Scaup







But even without rarities, this is a beautiful place. From the spring, Bluethroat and Northern Wheatear can be found here as permanent residents. Also in this area there are often harriers and various other birds of prey. With a lot of luck you can see a Short-eared Owl. Because there is also a water feature in the area, you can also find several species of ducks and other birds that stop at or in the water.

Birding tour: Waders, water and dune birds

Birding Tour Texel Bluethroat
Birding Texel Little Tern
Little Tern
Birding Tour Texel Eurasian Curlew
Eurasian Curlew







The primary subject of this birding tour on Texel are various dune birds and the many, often large groups, different waders. The point of interest for this excursion is the tide, because at low tide the waders sometimes have to search for their food at a great distance. By car you will visit the places where the waders are located, to finally arrive at the dune birds. Also on this excursion waterfowl will be seen, as a water feature is also included in this excursion.

Birding in Holland Texel Spoonbill
Birding Holland Western Yellow Wagtail
Western Yellow Wagtail
Birding Texel Black Redstart
Black Redstart







A special feature of this excursion is that there are regularly hunting Little Tern seen. These Little Terns can sometimes be observed from close up. This excursion includes a walk of approximately 2.5 km on mostly paved paths and roads.

Birding tour: Choice of the guide

Birding Texel Razorbill
Birding Holland Red-necked Phalarope
Red-necked Phalarope
Birding Tour Texel King Eider
King Eider







You can not make a choice or want to get surprised? No problem! Leave it to the guide, he will take you to some of the best places of that moment to watch birds, during your birding tour Texel. On request, this excursion can also be specially adapted for people with reduced mobility and for the disabled.

Birding Tour: Birding all day, Around Texel

You go all day with the guide to watch birds on Texel. And visit the best places of that moment. Because you will visit different areas, a long species list is guaranteed! Lunch during this birding tour? Of course, there must also be provided for the inner man. Optionally, there is the possibility to have lunch somewhere on the go (costs not included in the excursion, the time for lunch is considered excursion time) or to bring your own lunch package. The lunch package brought along can be eaten during birding.

Photographing during birding tour Texel?

The guide himself is an experienced photographer, and understands that you may want to spend a little extra time on a nice bird, to put it on a picture. This is no problem and if desired he can even give tips and hints.

How is transport arranged during the Texel birding tour?

During the birding tour Texel there is room for up to 3 people in the car of the guide. You can ride with him (then something can be indicated on the way), or drive behind the guide with your own car. When you come with a larger group, the other participants will drive behind the guide in their own car. In order to keep the number of cars as small as possible (among others in relation to parking along the road), it is preferable to share this extra car with a group of participants.

Pick-up and return service birding tour Texel

You are already staying on Texel?

Then the guide can pick you up at your overnight address and bring you back there after the excursion. There are no extra costs. It is also possible to agree on a point where the birding tour starts. After the excursion you will be returned to this place, or the birding tour will end at the last observation point.

You arrive by ferry for the birding tour Texel?

The guide picks you up at the ferry port and brings you back to the harbor after the excursion. If you decide to stay longer on the island, he can also drop you off at a bus stop. There are no extra costs attached.

Transport to Texel for the birding tour: what do I have to think about?

You arrive at Texel at 8.50 am or 12.50 pm, the standard boat departs from Den Helder every half an hour. (Click here for the TESO timetable for the ferry from Den Helder). Texel is also easily accessible by public transport via Den Helder. When you come with a maximum of three participants, it is much cheaper to park the car in Den Helder at the ferry port, and as a pedestrian take the ferry. On the other side, on Texel, you will be picked up by the guide.If you decide to come with your own transport, it is a point of attention that it can be busy during holiday periods, public holidays and nice weather. There may then be waiting times for the crossing! In general, the waiting time does not run too long because a second ferry is used. But this is not a guarantee. Current information about travel times and costs can be found on the TESO website.It is possible to buy an e-ticket online for the crossing on the TESO site. This prevents you from being able to miss the boat by bus stop at the ticket offices. Click here for your TESO ticket.

Parking on Texel

A Texel vignette is required for parking all over Texel. Because excursions can also be used (can be) from public parking lots, in many cases a Texel vignette is recommended. There are various options for the Texel vignette in terms of duration and costs. This vignette can also be ordered via the internet and prevents annoying surprises after your bird excursion Texel. To order the Texel vignette and for more information click on this link.

Food and drinks

During the bird excursion coffee and tea will be served and there is a local delicacy. During the full day excursion, you can have lunch at your own expense.

Dogs or other pets are not allowed on any excursion! If you have your dog, there are dog outlet services on Texel. They can fit your dog in consultation during the bird excursion. Ask here or here to the possibilities.

What can you expect from a Vogelexcursie Texel?

  • Including transportation on Texel;
  • Only participants from your own group! So no strangers;
  • Including pick-up and return service on Texel;
  • Custom excursion as desired;
  • During the bird excursion a Zeiss telescope is available for general use;
  • The guide is very familiar with the area, even in the lesser-known places;
  • There are many birds in the area throughout the year;
  • Excellent facilities to observe the birds well in the area;
  • Different biotopes, so variety in birds;
  • The possibility to use a loan of binoculars during the bird excursion;
  • The guide has a lot of experience with birds and you can quickly identify them;
  • The possibility to photograph birds during the excursion;
  • You can choose where the bird excursion takes place;
  • This bird excursion is suitable for experienced and inexperienced birders;
  • The bird excursions are also suitable for less mobile participants on request;
  • The possibility to get answers to your questions about birds;
  • After the bird excursion by e-mail a report with all observed bird species;
  • An unforgettable bird experience.


Tip from the guide: Sturdy walking shoes, preferably waterproof, are recommended. Other clothing, matching the season and the weather forecasts. Remember that on Texel it can be a lot fresher and usually more wind than on the mainland.

Is a day (part) not available in the calendar or something is unclear then you can always contact us via the contact form. I will contact you as soon as possible to help you further.

In the checkout screen you have the option to indicate the excursion of your choice under order notes. In all cases, you will be contacted to go through all the details for your excursion.

When you come by boat I advise you to enter your mobile number at the time of payment. This is useful if we have to look for each other at the port or in case of delays with the ferry.


All pictures on this page are taken on Texel by Birds4You.

Bird watching is a snapshot. The birds mentioned and shown in this birding tour. Have actually been observed by Birds4You in the area in the past. However, this is never a guarantee that these bird species will also be observed during your birding excursion!

Unfortunately this excursion is no longer available. Look below for another great birding excursion.



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