Red deer belling excursion on the Veluwe


Saturday, September 24, 2016

From 13:00 to about 23:45.

Up to 7 participants

The Red deer belling excursion includes:

  • Supervised by two experienced guides;
  • Using a simple borrowing binoculars for anyone who has no viewer;
  • Possibility of the red deer brought by the professional Swarovski telescope to see very close (20 to 60 times closer)!
  • Entrance fees for access to excursion site (s);
  • Coffee and / or tea;
  • Something delicious with coffee and tea;
  • Drinking water (bottles);
  • Fruit;
  • Closing dinner consisting of a Schnitzel menu or another menu choice;
  • One consumption (soda, beer or wine) during dinner;
  • Minibus.

Boarding places:

  1. Haren / Groningen: We leave at 13:00 am from the Transferium Haren (on the A28) .
  2. Assen – North Carpool place at 13.20.

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Red deer belling excursion on the Veluwe

A red deer belling excursion is always an adventure. The mighty sound (belling) of the male red deer in their struggle for the females (hinds). In the months of September and October, when the nights dry, clear and colder, every year, for the red deer rutting period instead. During this period, collect the male red deer and red deer hinds often in large numbers at fixed locations. Here, the males go to the infighting to collect Doe much as possible in their pack.

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To make their presence felt and to show their strength belling the males during the mating season. They fight with their impressive antlers each other for the favor of the hinds. These battles can take a long time up to several hours to it before it is known who the winner is. His reward is the pack hinds (harem). With them he will mate (they are studded) and cast its young in the spring. Only the oldest and strongest deer participate in this mating ritual. These battles take place only if not become clear with the belling who is the strongest.

Belling starts at the beginning of the evening when it is dim. In the meantime we will also look at other wildlife and birds on the Veluwe. After belling we go together in the Veluwe eat then we drive back towards Groningen again. The expected arrival time in Haren is approximately 23.45.

We go to this tour not rut with large groups in the field, we keep the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 7 persons.

Pull at Weather matching dark clothes and strong shoes on, it can be especially evening already cooled considerably in this period. Try using perfume etc. at least keep, wildlife smells that far away!

During the belling there is ample opportunity to make your own equipment photos or videos.

It is about 1.5 hours drive to the Veluwe, be on time at the agreed place. We did not wait. Late or not coming does not entitle to a refund!

The Red deer rutting tour continues with a minimum participation of three persons.

Dogs and other pets are not allowed during our excursions. Participation is at your own risk. We are not liable for any injury or damage to the body, clothing or equipment. You need to ensure appropriate insurance.

This tour is not suitable for participants who have difficulty walking because of the activities prior to the belling.


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